Friday, August 8, 2008

Continuing Promise Deployment Begins

At 10:07 a.m. the morning of August 6, 2008, lines were pulled and a massive shadow moved across the pier. USS Kearsarge and the crew that brings her to life set out to sea once again, eager to carry out a mission defined by commitment and a continued promise of humanitarian assistance and community relations. Loaded out with 3 Landing Craft, 2 Amphibious Vehicles, 8 aircraft (MH-60S and CH-53’s), over 125,000 tons of cargo, equipment and supplies , 1,158 ship’s crew and a very welcome 202 members of joint, multinational, interagency and such Non-Government Organizations as Project Handclasp, Project Hope and Operation Smile, Mighty KEARSARGE is once again poised to do her country proud.

Having been involved in a Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief mission to Bangladesh in November of 2007 in the aftermath of Cyclone SIDR, the crew of Kearsarge is no stranger to these types of operations. Despite having taken place during the Thanksgiving Holiday, the crew remained focused and did not allow the distractions of family separation prevail. Instead, they put all their efforts into providing much needed supplies and relief to those who needed it most; preparing and delivering critical food, water and supplies to those devastated by Cyclone SIDR.

The personal satisfaction voiced and displayed by the crew in knowing that they were delivering relief and hope to those in need is immeasurable and even more so during that time of the year.
Just over nine months later, a new task is presented and the crew finds itself sailing South with partner militaries and NGOs on a four-month deployment in support of mission Continuing Promise (CP) 2008 Caribbean Phase.

The goal during this Humanitarian Civil Assistance Mission is simple; to demonstrate and carry out the United States’ continued commitment to our Carribean and Central and South American neighbors. Such a mission embraces partnerships and provides the foundation needed to build a relationship that will lead to security and prosperity within the region.

While we realize that this deployment will once again result in separation of family and friends during the holidays, we look forward to the new relationships that will be forged through the cooperation of neighboring nations working together to accomplish one goal; improved quality of life through health care and infrastructural improvements.

With new found shipmates embarked, some for the very first time on a Navy ship, our Sailors are eager to seize the opportunity to demonstrate their resolve and commitment in answering our nation's call to duty. Over the next several weeks, we will continue to conduct detailed planning and preparation to ensure mission success. As we leave our families behind, we pray for their health, safety and welfare until we return. This mission is a mission of commitment, and we are committed.

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Brandie said...

My husband is on this deployment. It's nice to hear what's going on during the deployment. He has yet to call or write so I have yet to ask him if he'll be able to receive mail at all during the deployment. Thanks for the post and I will be continuing to read them if you continue to post. Be safe and thank you!