Monday, August 11, 2008

Nicaragua- Almost There

As we draw closer to the shores of Nicaragua, anticipation of the first day of our mission ashore has taken over the mighty Kearsarge. The day was full of meetings and briefs to finely polish all the details of our arrival and the projects to be accomplished in the days to come. A group of over 1,500 doctors, dentists, engineers, and ship’s company; who were complete strangers just five days ago, have come together as a tight knit group with their sights set on providing humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Whether it is time put into planning, time repairing disaster stricken building and schools, time ashore providing health care or time spent playing a soccer game with the children of Nicaragua, each and every person plays a tremendous role in Continuing Promise ’08; perhaps a larger role than they can imagine. However, it will all become clear when we most earnestly shake the hands of our friends from Nicaragua as we partner capabilities and resources in support of the security, stability and well being of Nicaragua

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